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My story of checking myself into a peer respite and then, five months and two weeks later, being hired by the same respite is going to be published in a newsletter soon. I’ve taken several webinars through a wellness and recovery center and am currently taking their introductory class. When I asked them if they needed anything from me, their spokesperson said that if there was a specific picture I wanted to use, I should send it to them. I locked up, no idea what to give them.

I’m genderqueer and while a picture can capture me well in a certain time period, it loses its meaning as a tool of expression in time. Now, I think that I need to deconstruct some photos and reconstruct an image of me that feels right. If they don’t want it, I can use it for myself, probably for social media. But I sure as hell appreciate reading about this idea. It’s a better way of representing myself than I ever could have imagined before.

Thank you, Catherine.


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